The Aero Trike





The Aero Trike is a light-weight open sports car that is offered in either

 kit form or fully-assembled and ready for the road.





Goldwing 1200cc shown


The power-train is taken from a modern touring motorcycle, utilizing the engine,

transmission, rear drive, rear suspension, and electrical system.





The Aero Trike employs independent front suspension with coil-over-shock struts,

McPherson-type front end geometry, and hydraulic disc front brakes.

The result is a pleasantly driving vehicle that handles like a sports car

and retains the open-air experience of a motorcycle.




!!  a show stopper  !!




“A Thrill to drive”






The chassis is built from steel tube that fully surrounds the cockpit, giving

 a very strong and very safe passenger compartment.  Light weight body panels

 are molded from fiberglass and are attached to the steel structure.







The Aero Trike is roomy, comfortable, and drives like a sports car.





“The Aero Sport”


The Aero Trike was designed and built by M W Bourne of Marquez,

 Texas.  Mr. Bourne is known to many motorcycle touring enthusiasts as

 the designer/builder of the Aero Sport motorcycle trailer.  He is also the

 designer/builder of the Texas Rocket, an award-winning three-wheeled

prototype that incorporated many of the design features of the Aero Trike.




The Texas Rocket, a prototype


In 2005 Mr. Bourne traveled to western China with his design drawings of the Aero Trike.

He leased a small mountain factory on the Jahling River, hired local craftsmen, and built the

steel jigs, the bending tables, and the assembly fixtures required to fabricate the steel tube chassis.

He also built the full-size model from which the seven body molds were taken.  From these

molds fiberglass body panels were manufactured.




first prototype of the Aero Trike


From this tooling the first prototype was built and tested extensively.

The first kits were built and shipped to the M W Bourne warehouse in Texas.

The first of these kits to be assembled (serial # AQK002) was completed in

 November 2007 and first shown at the Houston Autorama over Thanksgiving, 2007.

That vehicle is featured in this website.


The price of the Aero Trike kit is $5,000, fob Marquez, Texas.



The kit includes:


                                                                      1.   complete steel-tube chassis, jig-welded,

                                                                              cleaned, primed, and painted.

         2.    McPherson-type front suspension with

                coil-over-shock struts, control arms,

                trailing links, spindles, wheels, disc brakes,

                and master brake cylinder.

         3.    all front steering components,

                including steering column,

                steering wheel, steering rods

                and steering gear-box.

                                                                       4.   the brake, clutch, and gas pedals are installed.

                                                                      5.   two seats with 3-point harness are installed

                                                                      6.   all fiberglass body panels are included

                                                                      7.   the blank fiberglass instrument panel is installed.

                                                                      8.   fiberglass side panels fitted to the interior walls.

                                                                      9.   left and right headlights

                                                                             left and right front turn signal lights

                                                                    10.   auto safety glass windshield installed.


The kit does not include:


      the power plant, which is the "donor" motorcycle.

                                                                                      no tires or wheels

                                                                                      no upholstery

                                                                                      no instruments

                                                                                      no tail lights




The Aero Trike can also be purchased as “chassis kit only.”  The chassis kit includes

 everything listed above except for the fiberglass body panels.   For those who want

 to develop their own body design the basic Aero Trike chassis gives an excellent

foundation on which to build.  Cost of the “chassis only” kit is $4,000.



The Aero Trike is defined as a 3-wheel motorcycle.  It is licensed

as a motorcycle, and retains the VIN number of the donor bike.


Cost to convert your motorcycle to an Aero Trike will depend on the motorcycle

 to be converted, desired instrumentation, desired upholstery, and your choice of custom paint.





If interested in building an Aero Trike,

or having your present motorcycle converted into an Aero Trike, contact:


or call 903 529 3491.


M W Bourne